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Articles / BLOG

Articles / BLOG

Driving While Distracted

Posted on 26 April, 2018 at 13:45

What Are the Legal Ramifications of Driving While Distracted?

South Carolina has the third worst drivers of any state, with two thirds of all accidents involving the use of cell phones. However, this isn’t the only cause of distraction for drivers. Eating, doing hair or makeup, and chatting to passengers can divert a driver’s attention at a crucial moment. When traveling at speed, just a few seconds of lack of attention on the road can be potentially deadly. With South Carolina having more fatalities per 1000 miles than any other state, there are strict laws against distracted driving in place. Do you know the legal consequences of your driving habits? Read on to find out more.

Fines for Texting

Some research suggests that smartphones have lowered a human’s attention span to less than that of a goldfish. Checking for texts, notifications, emails and alerts has become addictive for many people. If you’re on an hour long road trip, this can feel like a long time to not look at your phone. However, it could land you in serious legal trouble.  There is no statewide ban on texting and driving in South Carolina, but most cities, including Columbia have their own laws. If you are caught using a cellphone while at the wheel then you will likely face a fine. This will be $100 for first time offenders and up to $300 for third timers, plus legal costs.

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