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DUI Could Mean Prison Time

Posted on April 26, 2018 at 1:50 PM

DUI Could Mean Prison Time

A cause of concentration loss is being under the influence of a substance, such as drugs or alcohol. With booze being the most common source of distracted driving, let’s look at those laws. In South Carolina, it will come down to severity and previous offences, but a first offence offers a maximum six months jail time. If your blood alcohol content is over 0.15% or it is a second offence, then there is an indefinite sentence available.

How To Stay Focused and Avoid Accidents

Avoiding distracted driving starts with awareness. By nature, those who are distracted are slow to realize so. Driving can be boring and the mind wanders. Help yourself concentrate by keeping your phone switched off while driving. You should also stay hydrated and eat beforehand so that your brain can more easily retain focus. Be smart and responsible by pulling over before engaging in any activity that could be dangerous.

Since distracted driving causes so many injuries and fatalities, it should be your main concern after passing your test. Failing to abide by distracted driving laws could mean loss of licence, fines or jail time. When driving, focus on the task in hand and you’ll avoid any legal ramifications.

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