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What To Do If You Get Pulled Over

Four Steps To Take If You Are Pulled Over In South Carolina

Being pulled over by a police officer brings about anxiety, fear and dread.

Despite your concerns, you will have to be smart in your decision-making.

As a former police officer and prosecutor, our founding attorney, Ray Lord, offers this advice to you if you are stopped by police:

1. Pull Over Immediately

This may seem obvious, but if you are pulled over, don't delay. It could cause suspicion and create more problems. Trying to flee and outrun police will result in more drastic consequences.

2. Think About Why The Officer Pulled You Over

If you do not understand why you have been pulled over, you need to think about the reasons why a police officer has stopped you. You also should take stock of anything illegal that may be on you or in your car.

3. Refuse Any Request To Search Your Vehicle Or Possessions

Even if you are in possession of something, you should know that limitations exist for officers, specifically items not in plain view. Requests for a search without a warrant should be politely refused.

4. Limit Your Responses To Questions

Aside from asking to see your driver's license, registration and insurance information, you do not have to answer any other questions. Although it may be frustrating to an officer, you are only asserting your rights. The United States Constitution affords you these rights.

Decisions You Make After Being Pulled Over Are Crucial

Following these important steps can help to mitigate any consequences you could face from the traffic stop. If you are facing charges for DUI, reckless driving or any other citation, contact our firm for defense representation.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today.

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