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Understanding Breathalyzers And The Law: Here’s What You Might Not Know

Many people in South Carolina know what a Breathalyzer test is and how it's given to drivers pulled over for suspected drunk driving. However many may not realize that even if a driver's BAC is .08 or above, it does not mean he or she is automatically guilty of a DUI.A Failed Breathalyzer Reading Does Not Mean You Are Guilty.

Here Are The Two Top Reasons Why

  • Reason 1 – More Evidence Is Needed: Even if the Breathalyzer test read a .08 BAC or over, it does not mean a driver is automatically impaired — and thus guilty of drunk driving. The state must still provide evidence of impairment, which is why many officers will issue a Breathalyzer test as well as other roadside test
  • Reason 2 – Breathalyzers Machines Are Not Foolproof: Breathalyzers and similar breath-testing machines are not immune from human or mechanical error. These machines have proven over time to be prone to errors. Calibration errors with the device, a driver's medical condition, outside air temperature, the presence of mouthwash – even hiccuping can skew results.

An Advocate To Defend You

So much is at stake with a DUI charge. Getting an experienced attorney to handle your case is important. One small error and your case could be thrown out.

At Lord Law Firm, LLC, our team has been handling these and many other traffic violations since 2001.

Former Police Officer Who Knows Police Procedures

Our founding attorney, Ray Lord, began his career as a police officer and a prosecutor. He understands the ins and outs of DUI defense and exactly what evidence needs to be investigated and challenged.

He will thoroughly examine maintenance records and other evidence to ensure that any breath test machine used was properly calibrated. Ray will also investigate the squad car video to make sure the roadside or any other tests were carried out properly by the arresting officer.

If he finds evidence of mechanical or human error, he will not hesitate to pursue a dismissal of the charges against you.

Protect Yourself Against Fine, Jail Time And Loss Of Your License

When it comes to a drunk driving-related charge we leave no stone unturned. Contact our office to get an experienced defense attorney on your side. Call 803-407-4140. Free consultations.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today.

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