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Defense For Piedmont-Area Traffic Tickets

Were You Issued A Speeding Ticket In The Piedmont Area?

Traffic tickets are frequently issued in the Piedmont area, which includes Interstate 26 and I-85.

Cities in the area include Aiken, Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson, as well as communities throughout Cherokee County, Union County, Newberry County, Spartanburg County, Laurens County, Greenville County, Pickens County, Oconee County, Anderson County, Abbeville County, Greenwood County, Saluda County, Edgefield County, McCormick County and Aiken County.

Your Ticket Can Follow You Home. Find Out How We Can Help.

For people traveling into and out of South Carolina near the Georgia border, it is important to realize that traffic violations in South Carolina can follow you home.

Failure to challenge the charges or otherwise take care of the situation can result in complications in your home state such as fines, increased insurance premiums, points on your driver's license or even the suspension of your license.

Attorney Ray Lord with our firm is a former police officer and prosecutor. He has represented many out-of-state drivers with DUI, reckless driving, illegal U-turn violations and many other traffic citations.

If you were ticketed for a traffic violation in the Piedmont area, contact our office to discuss your ticket and how we can help you mitigate fines, loss of your driver's license and other penalties associated.

We most likely can handle the matter without you having to return to appear in court.

Call today to find out if we can help: 803-407-4140.

Free consultations.

Since 1999, we have assisted many drivers who live out of state with South Carolina traffic tickets. Our leading attorney, Ray Lord, is a former prosecutor and police officer.

If you have received a ticket and do not live in South Carolina, contact us to find out how we can help.

We often handle citations for out-of-state drivers cited for a wide range of violations, including but not limited to:



Traffic light violations

Stop sign violations

Reckless driving

Call 803-407-4140.

Free consultations.

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