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Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving Is Not Just Another Speeding Ticket It's Much More Serious

If there is one thing you need to know about reckless driving, it is that it is not treated like "just another speeding ticket."

Any traffic violation can result in complications such as fines, a suspended driver's license and increased insurance premiums, but reckless driving carries these and more. It is treated as a serious crime and not only will it put six points on your driver's license, but it is accompanied by criminal penalties, such as jail time, upon conviction. In terms of seriousness in South Carolina law, reckless driving is second only to DUI.

You have the right to, and should, challenge any traffic ticket, but it is critically important to aggressively defend against reckless driving charges.

Contact Our Firm Before You Take Further Action Or Pay Your Fine

Our law firm has handled many reckless driving cases for individuals in Columbia, South Carolina, in all types of situations. He has an excellent understanding of reckless driving laws, knows the ins and outs of defending against these serious charges and has a successful track record as proof.

Received A Citation And Live Out Of State?

Our firm is also known for handling many cases for those who live out of state and have received reckless driving or any other citations in the state of South Carolina.

We often handle the defense on your behalf, so you will likely not have to travel to appear in court.

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