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Reinstating Your Driving Privileges Facing A License Suspension? Here's What You Need To Know.

People lose their driving privileges for many reasons.

Some may result from a single traffic violation. Some are due to accumulating too many points on your state driving record. Some arise from procedural technicalities like refusing a field sobriety test.

But regardless of the reason, losing a driver's license is no joke. Many — if not all drivers — desperately rely on their vehicle to get to and from work or school or for family needs.

Fortunately, the law allows you to challenge this suspension. We can help.

Choosing Our Firm

At Lord Law Firm, LLC, our founding attorney Ray Lord has helped many people who are facing license suspension.

He is thoroughly knowledgeable about the different procedures, filings and schedules required by the court and the Department of Motor Vehicles in these matters. He knows what kind of defense strategies to employ to protect your driving privileges.

Ray Lord has helped many individuals in your situation obtain a provisional license, avoid high fines, hikes in insurance premiums and more.

Don't Delay. The Clock Is Ticking.

Time is of the essence. You have only 30 days to schedule a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles to challenge the suspension of your license. If you missed this window, you could lose your license for 12 months.

The Sooner You Contact Us, The Better Chance You Have To Preserve Your Driving Privileges

If you are facing charges that may threaten your driving privileges call today: 803-407-414. The sooner we can begin investigating your case, the better chance we have of protecting your driver's license.

Already received a driver's license suspension?

Depending on the situation, we may be able to get your driving privileges completely restored. At the very least, we can argue for a restricted license.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today!

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