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Speeding Tickets - Looking For A South Carolina Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney?

Do You Know You Have The Right To A Jury Trial?

Many drivers who get speeding tickets simply pay the ticket and move on with their lives. Many don't realize that you don't necessarily have to.

In South Carolina, you have a right to a jury trial for any offense, even to fight a speeding ticket. If everyone chose to exercise this right, the system would be much more clogged than it already is. And prosecutors know this. That's why they are often willing to reduce a speeding charge to a lesser violation just to get the case through the system. This is true even if the driver was going 15 or more miles per hour over the speed limit.

That's why, even if you believe you have been speeding and are tempted to pay the fine and plead guilty, you should still consider exercising your constitutional rights to a lawyer and fighting the charges.

Former Police Officer And Prosecutor To Help You

At Lord Law Firm, LLC, we have been helping people fight speeding tickets for both Columbia and out-of-state drivers for years. Ray Lord, our founding attorney, was a former police officer and prosecutor before defending those in private practice.

He is vastly familiar with police and prosecutorial procedures and the kinds of mistakes that they commonly make when handling speeding tickets. He knows how to negotiate and settle cases but also has experience fighting aggressively in court if necessary.

Possible Dismissal Or A Reduction Of The Charges

As a result, he frequently gets charges dismissed or changed to a non-moving violation. If you have received a speeding ticket contact our office to speak with Ray. He can find out more about your situation, talk with you more about his credentials and the law.

Call 803-407-4140 today. We believe in establishing an open line of communication with our clients as part of our commitment, as well as returning their phone calls and emails promptly.

Representation For CMV And Out-Of-State Drivers

We also represent out-of-state drivers who have received traffic citations or CDL citations in the state of South Carolina.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today

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