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Helping South Carolina Find Legal Solutions Since 1999

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Stop Lights and Traffic Sign Violations

Roughly 90 percent of drivers who receive tickets for moving violations, such as running a red light or a stop sign, never go to court or challenge the offense. Instead, they pay the fine in an attempt to move on with their lives and put the incident behind them.

Unfortunately, this is an admission of guilt and can result in consequences such as points on a driving record, increased insurance premiums and a suspended driver's license.

Call Our Team Before Paying Any Fines Or Pleading Guilty

Our firm has extensive experience defending individuals who have received citations relating to:

  • Traffic lights
  • Stop signs
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to signal a turn
  • Illegal U-turns

A Thorough Understanding Of The Law

Our firm has extensive expertise helping those in Columbia — and out-of-state visitors — with all types of traffic tickets. We know the laws, the procedures and the prosecutors involved. In fact, Ray Lord was a former police officer and prosecutor prior to helping those in private practice. He knows both sides of the law — an asset many of his competitors do not possess.

Helping Out-Of-State Drivers

We also have experience helping out-of-state drivers facing traffic light violations in South Carolina. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can assist. You may not even need to appear in court.

Our Commitment To You

For every client we help, we aim to treat you with respect. We know people make mistakes — but they shouldn't have to pay for them forever.

We make a commitment to provide the highest level of service and communication. You will always be able to reach someone from our team. You will never have to track us down.

Contact Our Office To Speak With An Experienced South Carolina Traffic Ticket Attorney

SC Traffic Violations

Call our office today at 803-407-4140 or send an email. It costs you nothing.

We can discuss options available to you, and you may not even have to appear in court.