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Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Underage Drinking Charges In South Carolina

It's not uncommon for teens in South Caroline to experiment and commit juvenile indiscretions — like drinking and driving before the age of 21. It happens; during adolescence, teens are still maturing.

Understandably, parents are concerned for their child and worry about the repercussions they face.

Ray Lord: His Advice To Parents

At Lord Law Firm, LLC, our founding attorney, Ray Lord, has extensive experience handling these types of cases. Here are his answers to commonly asked questions from parents of teens who have faced a drinking and/or DUI charge:

Will my child lose his or her license?

  • I cannot legally promise you that I will be able to save your child's driver's license. What I can promise is that I will do all I can to protect your child's future. As a former police officer and prosecuting attorney, I have a great deal of experience and understanding of both juvenile law and the juvenile court system. I have successfully defended hundreds of juveniles against charges of underage drinking and driving, open container, possession of drug paraphernalia and drug possession.

Will this jeopardize my child's financial aid?

  • If your son or daughter is convicted of underage drinking and driving, he or she might lose financial aid, Pell grants and even future job opportunities. That's why you need an attorney right away. The sooner you contact me to defend your child against a charge of underage drinking and driving, the sooner I can get started on your case. The deeper into a criminal matter you go on your own, the harder it becomes to defend against these specific charges.

Can you save us money on insurance?

  • I will review every piece of evidence that has been entered against your child. As a former police officer and prosecutor, I can typically find weak points in the prosecution's case. I do know from years of experience that if you don't hire an attorney, your insurance will certainly rise. Working hard to prevent consequences from haunting your child for years to come is my goal.

How much is this going to cost?

  • I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your specific situation. Clients regard me as a cost-effective, caring and knowledgeable defense attorney. My years of experience have given me the knowledge to regularly achieve case dismissals or reduced charges in a surprisingly timely manner. As part of my commitment to my clients, I vow to charge you a reasonable fee for my services and to explain in advance how that fee will be computed and billed.

If you need an experienced defense attorney to handle your teen's charges or have additional questions, contact our office. We can offer guidance on your specific circumstances.

If you are looking for an experienced Columba traffic ticket attorney, call 803-407-4140 or email our office today.

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