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Understanding Sobriety Tests In South Carolina .

Were You Given A Breath Test? You Have Rights

Drivers charged with DUI have a constitutional right to challenge the evidence against them, including evidence obtained during a sobriety test — such as Breathalyzer readings and roadside tests.

Challenging Your South Carolina Sobriety Test

Our founding attorney, Ray Lord, is a former police officer and prosecutor. He understands what needs to take place during a traffic stop — and illegal procedures many officers use.

Police officers in South Carolina are required by state law to document traffic stops on squad car video systems to make sure they are following proper procedures during the traffic stop. Ray knows where the weak points in DUI cases are and will thoroughly evaluate this video evidence.

Regardless of your charges, he will pursue all opportunities for minimizing your exposure to criminal consequences — like driver's license suspension and potential jail time.

Let him help you.

Experienced Columbia, South Carolina, Negotiator

Ray has negotiated many DUI and other traffic stop cases via plea agreement. In some cases, he has been able to obtain a dismissal of the charges.

Let Ray use his expertise to defend against the charges you face.

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